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All roof systems fail at some point and reveal vital information to develop baselines and benchmarks producing best practices. The collection of this information needs to be obtain from initial installation of the roof system to its replacement.


intel Roofing has identified key performance indicators, data collection methods, categorization of this data, and baseline algorithms to analyze the data collected.


  • Because of the lack of benchmarks in the roof industry, the underlying issues are invisible
  • Knowledge is power and efficient –managing the unknown is expensive
  • Without data, there is no way to know if decisions are good or bad
  • Without data, decisions are made on sales pitches, relationships, emotions, etc.…
  • Most decisions in the roof industry are subjective


  • Increase in facility component lifespan between 20-30% eliminating the number of replacement required
  • Minimization of facility events that will negatively impact the financial, physical, or human capital
  • Deep visibility in to spend for workload planning enabling accurate forecasting and budget planning
  • A visible bridge of information is developed to enable effective communication

Information is everywhere. In today’s world individuals value information as a strategic asset that can directly affect their bottom line. But, most roofing companies fail to integrate all aspects of their roofing career into silos of information to glean opportunities. By not integrating their successes and failures into analytics produces inconsistencies costing their clients more time and money.