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Ask Other Bidders

Information is everywhere. In today’s world, individuals value information as a strategic asset that can directly affect their bottom line. But most contractors fail to integrate the information surrounding their successes and failures into analytics, resulting in inconsistencies that cost their clients more time and money.

All roof systems fail at some point, revealing significant information. The collection and classification of that information is vital to all processes of the component cycle. The information needs to be analyzed to develop best practices for new construction, replacements, restorations, and repairs.

Questions to ask other bidders regarding your project:

  • How do you measure the success and/or failures of your company’s operations?
  • Do you have an analytical department managing data produced by your crews?
  • Are there scientific methods being deployed to analyze past, current and future initiatives for your operations?
  • Do you have reports with facts and figures to make decisions on your roof management practices?
  • Do you have benchmarks and control points to measure roof system performance? Crew performance?

We can enthusiastically answer yes to all those questions and we’re confident that once you hear from others, you’ll understand the unparalleled benefits of partnering with intel Roofing.

intel Roofing will analyze all the data collected and use it to:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Cross-compare data from facility to facility
  • Classify common failure points
  • Detect potential problem areas
  • Examine vulnerabilities and risk
  • Calculate total cost of ownership
  • Gage success of processes and team performance
  • Provide forward visibility on spend

intel Roofing has created the best and most cost-efficient way to mitigate and manage vulnerability and risk related to roof system operations. We deliver the visibility, knowledge, and management processes you are looking for.