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Tradition + Intelligence = Innovation

intel Roofing is the first Hybrid solutions for the roofing process.

We are putting together the creation of a new entity from elements not previously joined.


In 2001 we set out to mine more information than any other entity regarding the roofing process. The information we collected has been analyzed and divided into fundamental parts for independent study. The next phase we incorporated was holistically combining all the independent parts to triangulate this information. As our process has grown, our intelligence has assembled benchmarks and measurements that form the standards for comparison. These standards and comparisons have led to trends and predictive modeling capabilities advancing our means of special knowledge to predict the future on roof systems.


When you contract for roofing services, you want a contractor you can trust.

Someone with: Experience – History of Excellence – Commitment to being there when you need them.

intel wishes to welcome you to that company!

Our commitment to delivering a quality product, within schedule and cost are some of the keys to our continued success. The management team brings with them over 100 years of roofing construction and management experience. intel takes pride in all the work it accomplishes, bringing true meaning to the words Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!


The term innovation means a new way of doing something. It refers to incremental, radical, and revolutionary changes in thinking, products and processes.

This is exactly the intentions of intel Roofing, so you the roofing buying now have a healthier choice for your next roofing project.