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Avoid potential threats and turn them into opportunities:

Corporations face many challenges when it comes to facility management.  All corporations encounter internal and external threats resulting in the loss of thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands, of dollars each year.

Internal Threats
Managers wearing too many hats
Limited knowledge
No tracking of event activity
Too costly to track
Lack long term strategies
Future costs are unknown
Lack information to budget
Unable to present evidence for cost
Lack history on roof systems
Fluctuations in event activity
Time consuming
Low return on investment
Out of sight out of mind
No cohesive strategy
Premature failure and/or money pits
External Threats
Premature system failure
80% of roof systems are installed improperly without intelligence
National average life span for a roof system is only 10 years
8 out of 10 contractors are considered non-professional
60% of litigations in the construction industry are filed against roofing contractors, yet roofing contractors make up only 4% of the construction industry
Anyone can become a roofing contractor, there is no requirements or test
To many contractors to choose from
Over 30,000 roofing contractors
Individuals may compromise quality for profit
Kickbacks and short-cuts
95% of warranties are voided within the first 18 months
Small print, lack of leverage and information
Choosing the right system
Hundreds of systems to choose from
All decisions are based off opinions
There is no factual data offered for analysis

To avoid internal and external threats, processes and procedures need to be managed. intel Roofing has developed the best management techniques in the roofing industry to streamline the process. We divide the management of roofing portfolios into six categories:

  • Time management
  • Project coordination
  • Project management
  • Warranty management
  • Asset management

Each one of these management areas represents cost savings to a corporation. Most corporations do not have the information or resources to effectively control the management of their roof portfolio. Including intel Roofing into your facility processes provides you with effective and efficient managing techniques, ultimately reducing your cost and improving your value