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Colin Schnebly was privileged to be raised in a family-owned commercial roofing company in the Twin Cities. He remembers being five years old assisting his father by holding one side of the tape measure, his dad on the other end calculating the roof size. As the years past, his experiences with roofing techniques became more intense.

He started at the bottom cleaning up the grounds and removing old roof systems to installing new roof systems. He then developed the skills that allowed him to communicate with the clients, developing proposals and handling inquiries. He continued to work with distributors and consulted with manufacture reps on roofing applications. The roofing industry has been a part of Mr. Schnebly’s life for over 35 years.

Colin Schnebly attended the University of Minnesota and studied psychology and rhetoric.

Following college, Mr. Schnebly worked for a customer relationship management corporation. He developed strategic programs to inquire specific information from clients, analyzed the feedback, and communicated with clients from providing a service to assisting in current operations. It was during this time he began to see a distinct need in the roofing industry, the gap between the client and the contractor.

Colin Schnebly had witnessed many situations where consumers have been deceived and taken advantage of by roofing contractors. He had a desire to change this situation. Recognizing the key component in making a confident decision on any investment is information; he set out to create a roofing resource.

Mr. Schnebly designed the spend management program to assist our clients in the analysis of this data to develop strategies to eliminate cost overruns, maverick spend, crisis management and a lack of true competitive spend.

Furthermore, he structured the program to expose overlooked opportunities to increase our client’s revenue and value to their shareholders and investors.

One of Colin’s favorite motivators: The old saying in business; you are either getting better or you’re getting worse. Nothing ever stays the same. intel is here to ensure that our business partners are continuously growing, improving and achieving results that were previously unattainable.