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Our philosophy is two-fold…

Professionally speaking, our main philosophy is to eliminate waste by developing techniques and standards that result in exceptional efficiencies. Our goal is to give you the tools necessary to maximize your roof’s life cycle and minimize total roofing expenditures. intel Roofing takes a strategic, long-term approach to keep roofing costs in check.

Personally speaking, we ensure that trust and good faith are integrated into every project completed. Integrity and honesty are incredibly important words to us. But they are more than just words. We’ve built our entire business upon these principles. intel Roofing prides itself on its integrity and expects the same from all who represent the intel Roofing name.

Using integrity and honesty as the navigator, our company can propel itself above all the waste in the roofing industry.


Our mission is to be the world’s most influential and respected roofing contractor. Achieving our mission will require the highest level of commitment, performance and professionalism. The higher we set our standards, the better we serve our clients.

As the only intelligence firm in the roofing industry, we provide innovative business solutions that empower our clients with a competitive advantage. By developing qualitative information, intel Roofing can control costs more effectively than anyone else and increase value.