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Malcolm Malone, FedEx

It was a great pleasure doing business with you and your company. Our partnership exemplified how a relationship between a customer and vender should be, and your performance was equally impressive.

The inspections were completed in a timely manner and at a level that surpassed my expectations. The results presented are extremely valuable and I will be using them to build future budgets and work proactively to maintain FedEx’s systems.

Chris Doering, Stratigic Sourcing at Albertsons

Albertsons Corporate Strategic Procurement and Store Maintenance entered a maintenance service agreement with Intel Roofing for all the Albertsons self-maintained properties. This decision was based on the following value propositions:

  • Decrease in annual maintenance repair costs
  • Assurance of quality workmanship and reductions in “call backs”
  • Ability to better identify repair work covered under manufacturer or contractor warranty
  • Ability to better manage the company’s facility portfolio & plan for future maintenance and replacements through Assessment & Condition Reports
  • Provides information on the performance of various roofing systems to help Albertsons evaluate the best system(s) for it facilities
  • Ability to provide Albertsons Store Maintenance & Project Development groups the ability to develop detailed ROI models for needed replacements

Incorporating you into our facility management processes has enabled us to reach levels of efficiencies we were unable to previously obtain. Through this partnership over the past 2 years, we have dramatically reduced our time, effort and cost.

Pradip Mehta, Director of Facilities for Albertsons

My directive from Strategic Sourcing was to initiate facility programs that streamline processes and reduce costs for all maintenance trades. After extensive research, we implemented your Roofing Management Program for our 2,500 self-procured properties.

Prior to implementation, there was a feeling among my department that our current processes were good enough and, while always looking to improve, had skepticism regarding the promises being made by you. Our skepticism was eliminated as you were true to your word and we received even greater results than promised.

There is no way for an internal facility department to achieve the results you can produce for a corporation. It is an impossible task. For the past 39 years, I have been in facility management and this is by far the best program I have ever worked with and I would recommend this program to any corporation.

WW Grainger
Intel Roofing has proved incredibly valuable for me. I maintain nearly 150 branches and don’t have the time and resources to determine which contractors to use in each market. The contractors in the yellow pages or on the Internet may not be reputable and may not have the insurance we require. You give us “one-stop shopping” so that when I get a phone call from a branch manager in Florida while I’m visiting the branch in Louisiana, I can make one call and get someone there today or tomorrow with all the requirements already approved. Intel Roofing is a great asset to any corporation with roofing needs.

Jerry Graf, Quadrelle Realty Services

I utilized Intel Roofing to assist me in understanding the current condition of several of our facilities as well as others we are considering purchasing. These evaluations have proven to be a tremendous investment. 

You went above and beyond my expectations. They took the time to research and put together user friendly evaluations, providing me with great insight on the condition of our systems. In addition, a plan of action was developed to address immediate concerns as well as long-term solutions. 

I would highly recommend using Intel Roofing on your projects. In the future, they will be my only call when I need roofing work.

Terry Kramer, Mattel

My overall experience with Intel Roofing was nothing short of excellent. The crews were very courteous, followed all necessary safety precautions, and installed an impressive waterproof roof system. Throughout the project, I remained informed on the progress and was given a detailed explanation of the system being installed. The warranties were thoroughly explained and the project was completed within the estimated time frame.

I would utilize your services again and recommend them to anyone considering a new roofing system. 

Thomas P. Hyland, Vice President of RA Industries

I want to extend my appreciation for your part in completing the re-roofing of our plant facilities. 

My biggest concern when entering this project was closure. I wanted the job done right and as soon as possible. While all the presented contractors met my requirements, I didn’t get the same feeling of confidence from the others. My instincts were right. The project was completed in a timely and thorough manner. During and after the project, your overall coordination in keeping communication flowing was very important to me personally.  I would recommend your services without reservation.