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 Tradition + Intelligence = Innovation

Intel Roofing is revolutionary.

The steps in determining roof intelligence include management of operational events, data collection/extraction, the enrichment of data, and classification of data. Then the data needs to be analyzed to determine patterns and trends and how to implement the results. This must be streamlined and duplicated in real-time to gain opportunities.

The millions of data points we have in our possession have been analyzed. The analysis has identified patterns, trends, and benchmarks creating a gateway to strategic savings for our clients. This newly acquired intelligence is cross referenced with knowledge bases of other corporations to obtain even greater insights to strengthen the statistical significance of the patterns and trends observed.

The established and continual knowledge base (intelligence) predicts events before they occur. This provides the opportunity to implement corrective actions.

A new era of roof management is created for you. An era where the management employed on roof systems is strategic, preemptive, and calculated. The results produced are substantial and abundant.